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Our partners are moving democracy forward by providing a beautiful, searchable database of historical election results.











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Case Studies


How we helped the Commonwealth of Massachusetts modernize and make accessible the results of 27,526 election contests


Prior to ElectionStats revitalizing this database, the layout was full of links to PDFs and complicated data sheets. This made finding election records of a specific year cumbersome to navigate and difficult to understand.


After ElectionStats modernized and organized the data from the outdated website, users were able to navigate specific years' election data just by searching for it, rather than sifting through endless PDF documents.

 Stakeholder Testimonials


ElectionStats is a truly invaluable resource for those interested in politics at all levels, and provides an easy-to-use, clean interface for accessing election data.

Jessica Pisano Jones,

Reference Attorney,

Social Law Library


Will Brownsberger,

State Senator, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

ElectionStats is a very handy tool for anyone interested in studying election results.  It makes publicly available data infinitely more available.

Cheryl Clyburn Crawford, Executive Director,

We are very encouraged to see the Secretary take an aggressive step in bringing voters in line with other forward-thinking states.

Dr. Maurice Cunningham, Associate Professor of Political Science,
University of Massachusetts

The official state reports are vital to social scientists, to political practitioners, and to citizens. The online ElectionStats database replaces a bookshelf full of hard copies of this report and is so remarkably searchable as to transform research.


Dr. Wayne Lesperance, Director of the Center for Civic Engagement,
New England College

The value of this database is immeasurable. Historically, state governments have managed electoral archives very poorly. ElectionStats brings a wealth of knowledge to the fingertips of every citizen interested in any and all electoral results. It is a windfall for any journalist, scholar, or citizen interested in surveying election outcomes, and will save them hundreds of hours sifting through PDFs and paper.


Steve Koczela,
MassINC Polling Group

I can now compare how each town voted in every election going back decades. I can see how state political maps evolved. It’s the first time it was available in a searchable and organized format. The database brings enormous value both to the state and researchers and the political establishment.



How we helped Vermont increase accessibility to the results of 9,911 election contests through modernization. 


Prior to ElectionStats revitalizing this database, the layout was full of links to PDFs and complicated data sheets. This made finding election records of a specific year cumbersome to navigate and difficult to understand.


Now, after ElectionStats's efforts, users can locate specific years' election data by searching for it, opposed to sorting through thousands of PDF documents. 

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos Launches ElectionStats


Why ElectionStats?

Inspire Public Trust

Encourage confidence in the electoral process by reporting election results in a beautiful, accessible, and useful format.


Save Valuable

Staff Time 

Save hours of phone calls, emails, and hassles. No more gophering through dusty reference books or endless spreadsheet files.


Facilitate New Insights

Searchable and sortable data means researchers can get a better understanding of electoral trends and civic health.


Exceed Expectations

Earn media accolades for embracing high-impact technology that helps move democracy forward for all.

Meet the Team


Reid Angwin

Data Engineer

Reid is a data engineer, software developer and QA automation specialist. He is relentless in finding innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of software applications and data migration processes.


Adam Friedman


Adam is a web software engineer and data activist. If the public owns it, the public should be able to engage with it meaningfully. He founded Civera out of a passion for transparency and government reform.


Kalman Gacs


Kalman is a web designer, artist, and senior advisor. He believes that technology is a core component in maximizing the impact of mission-based organizations.


Susan McCall

QA Analyst

Susan is a QA analyst, proofreader, and administrator. She is passionate about ensuring the utmost accuracy and comprehensive verifiability of public data.


Chris Norton

Project Manager

Chris is a project manager, archivist, and QA lead. He is determined to enhance the accessibility of records and ensure the quality and utility of their presentation for researchers.